EVD-12E Electronic Voucher Distribution


EVD 12E is an innovative Server and web-based solution that offers simplified options to receive payments and Vouchers for services provided by anyone..

A Point-of-Sale or POS terminal or a Mobile Phone Paired with a Bluetooth Printer or a Feature Phone through USSD channel are used at retailer's desk, facilitates hassle-free solution communicating with EVD Server and processing the transactions.

Easy to distribute vouchers for mobile, domestic gas, electricity, international calling, DTH television, internet or any other services which are open for integration according to vendor specifications.

This solution simplifies the entire process of distribution by increasing the availability of a system with an effective process available anytime and anywhere.

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EVD platform architecture

VISIONTEK EVD 12E is a real-time web application software based on the client/server architecture.


EVD platform architecture is scalable and flexible based on needs and User base of the Client. Architecture is designed based on the Users and the anticipated number of hits on the Server platform.

The design of the Server Architecture is well crafted and so as the Server availability.EVD Server architecture is anytime scalable with growth and returns.

EVD 12E is a real-time Server and web application software developed based on the client/server architecture.

VISIONTEK EVD 12E is a real-time web application software based on the client/server architecture.

EVD 12E as termed Electronic Voucher Distribution Solution is a hand and mind craft from hundreds of technocrats working together to build and maintain a beautiful ecosystem with high level features and requirement to serve Voucher and E-top up Solution.

EVD is the user-friendly and adaptable solution to all the possible players in this vertical of Payment Automation System. Be it an MNO or SME our Solution serves all the communities and its people under a single roof of EVD.

The design of EVD is built in multilayers modularized and it is an absolute plug and play stack.

Users will choose what is needed and need not compromise on something that is of no use to them.

Functionally EVD system hosts a Server Solution which runs on Windows Server Operating System. Server solution is a stack of Web Server, hosting an exclusive EVD website and an Application Server running various modules of Application and Transaction Systems hosting multiple modules.

The different modules in EVD:
  • User Management Module
  • Merchant Management Module
  • Terminal Management Module
  • Accounting Module
  • User Commission Module
  • Reporting Module
  • Graphical Charting Module
  • Pin Importation Module
  • Service Integration Module
  • Networking Module
  • Key Management Module
  • Threshold and Alert Management Module
  • Auto Mail and Auto SMS generation Module
  • Pin Generation Module
  • Encryption Module
  • Advertisement Module
  • Broadcasting Module
  • Reconciliation Module
  • Incentive Management Module
  • Product Management Module

EVD platform significantly portrays a multi-role as a Host in the case of direct epins purchase request from Terminal. And a middleware between Terminal and Third party Service provider for all other payment services as initiated from the Terminal using EVD system.

The server holds a transaction record logged in for every in and out a request from Terminal. Here Terminal means a POS machine, Smart Phone, Feature-based Mobile phone, Computer Web, or any other standalone gadget used in for transacting on EVD.

EVD platform supports multi-transport layer support wherein a Terminal can connect to EVD on all types of communication standards as example Https, TCP, SMS and USSD

EVD platform supports multi-protocol layer support wherein a Terminal can post request to EVD platform on all possible formats as example Soap, XML, JSON, Plain String, ISO 8583, MML etc..

Security is at the highest notch with EVD platform. Every data in and out the platform is fully encrypted and secured by applying high-level encryption algorithms and techniques. Be it a database or a simple post from Terminal to the server end the entire session is key exchange based.

EVD platform is designed with a robust Reconciliation design as it is important by end of the day as what, when and how much is done.

Above all the key significance to a platform is the transaction time and we are very much committed to the reduced transaction time. Our motto is Fast check in and Flash checkout. And we serve all the customers aggressively at the time of the transaction.

Case Study


The case study describes the improvement in the process of voucher distribution using EVD server software which replaced the existing physical voucher distribution. The Software offers online distribution of pins at anytime anywhere, through Point of sale terminals, without the need for scratch cards.


The Service provider is the pioneer of mobile telecommunications in the Middle East and now a major player on the African continent. Also, a leading wireless services provider with a commercial presence in 24 countries across the Middle East and Africa with over 15,000 employees providing a comprehensive range of mobile voice and data services to 69.5 million active individual and business customers.

Current Process

The service provider prints and stores scratch cards of multiple denominations. Service provider transfers the scratch cards to distributors based on his credit. The cards in turn transfer to sub-distributors/ retailers. A retailer sells the scratch cards and updates the same to service provider manually.

Implemented Solution

The objective of this application is to simplify the process of distribution by increasing the availability of vouchers and reduce the financial risk.

Visiontek - Electronic Voucher Distribution is a simplified solution to purchase Prepaid Mobile Top-Ups and Recharge vouchers through POS terminals, deployed at Retailer's desk. The application is designed and developed to overcome the problems associated with the distribution of physical voucher.

Electronic Voucher Distribution is a real-time software solution that provides retailers' with an ability to recharge customer accounts by the specified amount, at any time anywhere. Through this method of top-up, the operator can maintain control over the top-up denominations while still benefiting from an electronic distribution system.

The application offers superior commission structure by giving individual retailer commission, distributor commission, and denomination specific commissions. The Vast number of reports helps to prepare improved MIS and decision making for Top Management.

Client Solution

VISIONTEK EVD 12E is a real-time web application software based on the client/server architecture.....

VISIONTEK -97BT Bluetooth printer is sleek and handy printer which is powered by an inbuilt battery....

VISIONTEK -97BT Bluetooth printer is sleek and handy printer which is powered by an inbuilt battery....

EVD Platform also supports connectivity of a normal basic features phone which is again a strong terminal for communication....