Manufacturing Unit

Manufacturing Capacity

  • Category of products Manufactured - 6
  • No. of units currently produced - one million per year
  • Modular production lines enable us ramp up on capacity at a short notice based on the demand
  • IGI & STORES : All components are screened at IGI as per IS-2500 standard
  • Stocking 3,700 components classified into 45 categories

In-house Test Equipment

  • 5 JTAG dedicated test simulators for testing transaction terminals
  • Microtronix (Canada) and Sysgration (Taiwan) make telephone analyzers for measuring of electrical / speech / Dialing parameters
  • GSM and CDMA MSC and BSC Simulators
  • 6 universal EPROM programming facilities
  • Custom built computer based test jigs for faster and error free testing
  • 50 test set-ups consisting of Frequency Counters, AF Generators, Power Supplies, Exchange Simulators, to measure both Electrical / Telephone line parameters

Automated SMT Line

  • Fully automated SMT line comprising of MPM Accuflex Screen Printer, Fuji Glue Dispenser-GLII, Fuji Chip Shooter-XP143, Fine Pitch Placer-XP243, Seven zone Re-flow Oven-Electrovert Omniflow
  • Agilent Automatic Optical Inspection System-SJ50II, Automatic loaders, unloaders and Inspection conveyors
  • Re-work stations etc.

Reliability and Safety Test Labs

  • All equipments are calibrated and traceable as per national standards
  • Ageing tests and humidity of units are elevated temperatures upto 70°C
  • EMI / EMC / Environmental / Safety / Transportation and handling (including vibration and bump) parameters are tested at our in-house test labs as per relevant EN, CISPR and IEC standards
  • Keypad testing with life time tester
  • Insulation resistance and break-down testers upto 10 KVA simulation

Our EMI/EMC TEST FACILITY is Accredited by NABL (National Accredition Board for Testing And Calibration Laboratories) in accordance with ISO/ IEC 17025:2005, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India.

Man Power

  • Manufacturing: A qualified and experienced technical team of 250+ people
  • R&D and Mechanical designs 125+ members strong R&D working on our technology areas
  • Marketing : Experienced & Committed Marketing network of 70 professionals with branches in 8 major cities
  • Service and Support Network : 70+ technically qualified service engineers across our branches and resident locations

ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015 Certified Company