We Test and Deploy

We use the Scrum methodology to plan, package and release software products. Our dynamic cycle determines our milestones before releasing a product and our testing cycle which guarantees the quality of our software.

For major releases we define two important timeframes:
  • Feature freeze: Three weeks before the release date the development of new features and controls ends; QA starts testing functionality and logs bugs
  • Code freeze: Two weeks before release date; developers fix only blocking and critical bugs related to the new features Internal builds

We have the policy to distribute an internal build at least once a week. Code reviews are performed per check-in and are mandatory for every team member. Every fix that will be included in the weekly internal build has the highest priority in the QA backlog for testing. The robust CI process that we have implemented allow us to do this and guarantee an increase of quality with every new version.

Testing Environments

We set up different environments to cover all major customer scenarios and cases. These include variations of OS, Browser, Visual Studio, CI tools, Source Control tools, third-party integration tools, databases and so on.

Areas of Testing
  • Functional and Non-functional testing
  • Manual Functional Testing

EVD has various versions available, starting from 12E Enterprise, and those can be set up in various Operating systems. We have the experience to install EVD on cloud servers like Azure, Amazon, Rackspace, MyHosting, Digitalocen etc, hence our experts can help you to purchase best cloud server, based on the configuration, which suites especially for EVD installation. And if required, we also configure & maintain EVD in stand-alone V Cloud server at our local side. A Perfect Installation of EVD needs proper configuration of EVD, Automatic EVD startup-script, and SQL database too, and we are proficient enough to do that.