EVD Platform Architecture

A schematic of the EVD 12E Voucher & Utility Service nomenclature is shown below. In the proposed architecture, for Voucher, PIN file from Operator / MNO is imported to the EVD platform and distributed across POS Terminals / Mobile Applications / USSD. From a utility standpoint, the EVD platform integrated with the aggregators / service providers to cater to utility payments from POS Terminals / Mobile Applications / USSD.

VISIONTEK EVD 12E is a real-time Server application software developed on client/server architecture.  The solution architecture is the result of a team effort of highly qualified engineers and technocrats and provides a highly stable and secure ecosystem with high level features as a Payment Automation System that can be used for various applications like Vouchers/E-top up, Utility Bill Payment Solution, Banking etc. Be it a MNO or an SME, our Solution serves all communities under a single roof of EVD.

VISIONTEK EVD 12E is scalable and flexible based on customer requirements and integration needs. Architecture can be adapted to the number of Users and anticipated number of hits on the Server platform.

The multi-layered modular design of the Server Architecture combined with an absolute plug and play stack allows us to deliver a high availability Server which can meet custom user requirements.

  • User Management Module
  • Merchant Management Module
  • Terminal Management Module
  • Accounting Module
  • User Commission Module
  • Reporting Module
  • Graphical Charting Module
  • PIN Importation Module
  • Service Integration Module
  • Networking Module
  • Key Management Module
  • Threshold and Alert Management Module
  • Auto Mail and Auto SMS generation Module
  • PIN Generation Module
  • Encryption Module
  • Advertisement Module
  • Broadcasting Module
  • Reconciliation Module
  • Incentive Management Module
  • Product Management Module

VISIONTEK EVD is a multi-role platform performing the role of a Host in the case of direct e-PINs purchase from a Terminal while acting as a middle-ware between the Terminal and other aggregators / third party Service Providers for Utility-based services.

VISIONTEK EVD holds a log of each and every transaction passing through its platform from various clients – POS machines, Smart Phones, Feature-based Mobile Phones, Computer Web or any other standalone gadget connect to VISIONTEK EVD for transacting.

VISIONTEK EVD platform supports multi-transport layer feature wherein a client can connect to our EVD across multiple global transport layer standards such as HTTPS, HTTP, TCP-IP, SMS and USSD. The platform also supports multi-protocol layers for a client to connect with the EVD platform on SOAP, XML, YAML, JSON, Plain String, ISO 8583, MML and etc.

VISIONTEK EVD Platform is designed with highest level of Security. Every byte of data in and out of the platform is fully encrypted and secured using state of the art encryption algorithms. Be it a database or a post from client terminal to the server, the end-client session is encrypted and a token is generated with a key to keep the communication fully secure.

VISIONTEK EVD platform is designed with a robust Reconciliation and reporting capability. Reports can be generated on the platform at any time without any reconciliation cut off. Any transaction with VISIONTEK EVD platform is committed to be served within 5 seconds. Our motto being Fast check in and Flash checkout.


This case study describes improvements in the process of voucher distribution using VISIONTEK EVD Server Software which replaced the existing physical voucher distribution. The VISIONTEK Server Software solution offers online distribution of PINs anytime anywhere, through Point of Sale (PoS) terminals, without the need for scratch cards.


The Service Provider is a pioneer of mobile telecommunications in the Middle East and now a major player on the African continent. Also, a leading wireless services provider with a commercial presence in 24 countries across the Middle East and Africa with over 15,000 employees providing a comprehensive range of mobile voice and data services to 69.5 million active individual and business customers.

Current Process

The Service Provider, prior to the implementation of VISIONTEK EVD Solution, used to print and store scratch cards of multiple denominations. Service Provider then used to transfer the scratch cards to distributors, based on their respective credit availability. The cards were then, in-turn, transferred to sub-distributors/ retailers. The retailer would then sell the scratch cards and update the same to service provider manually through a reverse chain.

Implemented Solution

The objective of implementing the VISIONTEK EVD Solution application was to simplify the process of distribution by increasing the availability of vouchers to distributors / retailers while at the same time reducing financial risk to the Service Provider.

VISIONTEK EVD is a simplified solution to purchase Prepaid Mobile Top-Ups and Recharge Vouchers through POS terminals, deployed at the retailer’s desk. The application is designed and developed to overcome the problems associated with the distribution of physical voucher.

Electronic Voucher Distribution is a real-time software solution that provides retailers’ with an ability to recharge customer accounts by the specified amount, at any time anywhere. Through this method of top-up, the operator can maintain control over the top-up denominations while still benefiting from an electronic distribution system.

VISIONTEK EVD application offers superior commission structure by giving individual retailer commission, distributor commission, and denomination specific commissions. The Vast number of reports helps to prepare improved MIS and decision making for Top Management.


VISIONTEK offers EVD solution in Standard Enterprise Model and Cloud Model (SAAS). With Standard Enterprise model, customer pays for the full solution license and deploys the solution in their datacentre and own premises, where the server hardware is on the customer side. With cloud model EVD remains hosted in VISIONTEK Datacentre in INDIA and access control is given to the customer to use their sessions. It works as “Pay as you Go” Service. 

Services Offered on Cloud

VISIONTEK Cloud Services enables integration with third party service providers like Airtime Vouchers (PIN and PIN less), Mobile Money, Electricity Pre-paid Tokens, Water Bill payments, DTH payments, Cable and Satellite TV Payments, Agency Banking, Post-paid Bill payments for Mobile / Landline / Electricity etc., Insurance payments, Municipal Tax payments; payment of Traffic Fines, Road Tax, Vehicle Tax, Customs Duty, Land Tax, Building Tax, Pension Funds, Education Fees, Parking Tickets, Exhibition / Event Tickets, Bus / Ferry / Train Tickets. Our solution offers Agents with full mobility and convenience to make real time transactions anytime, anywhere!


VCloud Features

VISIONTEK VCloud hosted computing model offers customers various services of interest. Services like Airtime or Utility Bill payment for any global market can be conveniently integrated and launched on VISIONTEK VCloud platform. Just sign up and access the VISIONTEK VCloud platform with the help of highly intuitive and user-friendly GUIs over the internet anytime and from anywhere!    

The key benefits of VISIONTEK VCloud model are:

  • Quick and convenient deployment for launch of multiple services
  • Low capital & operational costs with ‘pay as you go & grow’ model
  • Highly secure Software as a Service (SAAS) Model with highly dependable technical support
  • Scalable to handle unlimited number of distributors, retailers and agents
  • No restriction on volumes of traffic and transactions

Customer signs up for the services by paying a onetime set up fee and a quarterly service fee. On making successful payment, the Customer gets access credentials to the VISIONTEK EVD web system to start operations. Customer can Login and create Operators / MNO, procure products like POS / Mobile App / USSD & etc. and also Sign up agents and start business.

VCloud services are backed by an efficient Service Level Agreement which guarantees our customers:

  • 99.90% Service availability
  • 100% fool-proof transaction with auto fail-over posting and status check
  • Email & SMS alerts with programmed escalations across user hierarchy
  • Online assistance to Customer’s tech support team

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